For Years, Severe Storms in Western Pennsylvania Have Caused a Number of Problems 

During heavy rainfall in the Pittsburgh region, excessive amounts of stormwater often leads to water pollution, flash floods, property damage, and even loss of life. Project 15206 is a collaborative effort between community, government, corporate, academic, and philanthropic leaders to combat these problems by implementing high-impact green infrastructure solutions throughout the City of Pittsburgh’s 15206 zip code.

Learn About Our Initiatives

Green Infrastructure Sites

Project 15206 has designed and is implementing several large-scale green infrastructure sites to capture stormwater.


Rain Container Initiative

Teams of local youth were employed to install 400 rain containers, collecting runoff from homes across 15206 neighborhoods.


Policy Recommendations

Project 15206 convened local stormwater experts to design public policy for downspout disconnection and green infrastructure maintenance.



Several regional partners were involved in Project 15206. Check out other organizations working towards green stormwater infrastructure in Pittsburgh.